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Once you have purchased our appeal service.

We aim to acknowledge your emails within 24 hours. We understand the urgency of your appeal and we will respond to your emails as soon as possible. Sending Amazon continuous emails during the allotted time asking for updates will only hurt your appeal process and may cause unnecessary delays.

We aim to get you reinstated in the shortest time  possible.

We understand the importance of your Seller Account and the overhead that your company holds. Since we understand that every individual case is different, we don’t use templates. All of our work and plan of action goes into evaluating your case to emphasize direct points, leading to the best possible chance of reinstatement.

Your case is unique.

Various sellers have came to us after they have submitted plans from competitors that resulted in a “final decision” from Seller Performance. Once a “final decision” is received, it is a lot harder for an individual to reinstate his/her account. However, one of the many fields we specialize in is “final decision” suspensions! We do not have to guess what Amazon wants; we know from our many years of experience.

Our methods have been used and resulted positive.

We are confident in our practice, every move made to appeal the suspension is crucial and not worth jeopardizing with unnecessary actions.

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What happens if Amazon requests “more information” after I submit the first appeal you drafted?

All additional responses are part of the service and are free of charge. We only charge you once.

Success in 4 Easy Steps!

Each case is different; we understand sellers become frantic after a suspension and try to Appeal by writing to amazon with reasons as to why they need to be reinstated. This is not what Amazon requires, as it results to Amazon requesting “more information” along with a plan of Action.

We are ready to cover your case;

We’re able to take your case no matter the circumstances.

If you wisely chose to hire us before sending an appeal, which helps your chances of reinstatement immensely, we can get you back on your feet.

Even if you have sent an appeal, possibly multiple appeals, we can still work with you to get your account reinstated.

For each individual situation, we have our methods on how to go by the appeal process. We are sure about get you back on amazon by getting your amazon selling privileges back after removal of the same.

Despite any history you have regarding the appeal process, we will provide you with an unlimited amount of letters until you’re reinstated. We intend to do exactly what we’re hired to do, and get you reinstated no matter what.

When you hire us, we become a team, and we prioritize your reinstatement as much as you do.


Customer Service

We are located in the United States and are always available. We understand your concerns for getting reinstated which is why we aim to respond to you very quickly.

Order Defect Rate

Every account is automatically reviewed by Amazons automated algorithm every 4 weeks. This happens to ensure that all orders and tracking information are up to date. Our plan of appeal will help you describe the root cause and plan of action.

Products Not As Described

Amazon wants to ensure that every product sold is according to the listing details. Amazon needs to know that your listing abilities will be of compliance and up to date. We will compose the perfect plan of action that Amazon that Amazon requires.

Policy Violation

Product safety complaints
Listing do not match detail page - Used item sold as new - Not as advertised

Inauthentic Complaints

This is the hardest appeal but our success rate regarding this issue is 99%
We have worked with many sellers on this and specialize in the case and give Amazon the perfect plan of action.



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