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Can you guarantee my reinstatement?

No, there is no way for us or any other website to guarantee your reinstatement. If you are told that others can, they are trying to lure you in for money. No one can guarantee a specific response out of Amazon, but what we guarantee is honesty, transparency, tenacity, and a proper friend to help you along your way.

What do you guarantee?

As stated above, we guarantee that have many ways of confronting Amazon regarding your suspension, if they are being too strict, we will simply go down another path. We guarantee that we have the experience you require to compose a powerful Plan Of Action. We guarantee to help, advise, and guide you through the appeal process.  Not only are we here to help we are here to strengthen your knowledge, to educate you so you may conduct your seller account properly according to Amazon’s policy. In the unfortunate case where Amazon denies your appeals, we will exhaust all of our methods to get your account reinstated. We guarantee honesty, this is what maintains our business healthy and successful.

We aim to get your Amazon seller account reinstated in the shortest time possible.

We understand the importance of your Seller Account and the overhead that your company holds. We additionally understand that every case is unique. Because of these two acknowledgments, we truly work on your case individually from others. Your process is handled from scratch, without the use of templates, and pinpointing specific faults in your account, all to rapidly reinstate your account and increase your chance of releasing yourself from your suspension.

How Does The Service Work?

After you process payment we will email you a questionnaire so we may understand your case, we then review it and conduct research if needed.
Soon after we compose a unique appeal letter for you; formatted to be easily understood. We will email you the letter along with instructions on how and who to send it to.
In the case Amazon replies asking for more information, notify us, and we will work with you in order to compose the follow-up letters. Our objective is to obtain reinstatement as soon as possible.

Do you offer the money back If I don’t get reinstated?

We always consult with you in a straightforward manner, we will never mislead you, we prefer to lose a customer due to our honesty rather than give false hope just so we can collect money. We provide Authentic Thought Out Appeal Letters for each customer, nobody works for free (NOBODY WORKS FOR FREE.) If you are not reinstated after we have done all that we can it means Amazon has sternly decided not to give you another chance. If a crime is committed the defendant has an opportunity for a trail, the lawyers can do the very best they can, in the end, it’s up to the judge, this is the case here. NOBODY absolutely nobody can guarantee that you will be reinstated, we cannot offer the money back since we do provide you the attention you need, do extensive research to help your chances, and compose appeal letters the way they should be done, the way Amazon likes to receive them.

Your case is unique.

Various sellers have come to us after they have submitted plans from competitors that resulted in a “final decision” from Seller Performance. Once a “final decision” is received, it is a lot harder for an individual to reinstate his/her account. However, one of the many fields we specialize in is “final decision” suspensions! We do not have to guess what Amazon wants; we know from our many years of experience. If you are planning to let us help DO NOT CONTACT AMAZON ANYMORE. Every call or email to Amazon can count as an appeal, and it can hurt or delay the process.

Have a Question?

Feel free to shoot us an email at  Agents@AmazonAppealLetter.com  or click on the bottom right corner of any page to the Live Chat.

Don’t hesitate to call us at: (800) 491-9519


Don’t be fooled by fake promises: “When something looks too good to be true, it usually is.” ~ Emmy Rossum

What happens if Amazon requests “more information” after I submit the first appeal you drafted?

All additional responses are part of the service and are free of charge. We only charge you once. It is normal for Amazon to either ask for more information or to deny your appeal, that doesn’t mean its the end; since we have the experience we are able to analyze the course of your case. We are able to perceive if there is progress or not.

Our methods have been used and resulted in suspended seller accounts reinstated.

We are confident in what we do, every move made to appeal your suspension is calculated, not overlooked and forced. You as our customer are worth more to us than anything, to quickly push you off with a bad decision would be nonsensical.

Have you done this case before?

Chances are we have already dealt with your issue multiple times. The only difference with all seller issues are the details of the root cause, generally its all the same problems over and over, this is why and how we are so successful; because we deal with the same cases over and over, we have the practice that sellers generally don’t.

What we offer that our competition doesn’t:

Here at Amazon Appeal Letter, we treat our customers like family, like teammates. We do so by remaining in absolute contact always throughout the workday via our email or the live chat on this very site. At any point throughout our process, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, our input, you can reach us within a few minutes. Our workers are up and ready to respond as late as 10:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time ‎(UTC-4)‎.

Additionally, we reach out as often as we can to make you feel as if nothing is happening without your awareness. Everything we do is transparent, and we would love to receive a similar form of communication from you, our customer. We want you to feel as if you are working alongside a friend of yours.

Success in 4 Easy Steps!


Customer Service

We are located in the United States and are always available. We understand your concerns for getting reinstated which is why we aim to respond to you very quickly.

Order Defect Rate

Every account is automatically reviewed by Amazon's automated algorithm every 4 weeks. This happens to ensure that all orders and tracking information are up to date. Our plan of action will help you describe the root cause and plan of action. We help you realize what the root cause of the issue is, how to fix it, and how to prevent it. We compose a unique plan of action appeals to get your selling privileges reinstated.

Products Not As Described

Amazon wants to ensure that every product sold is according to the listing details. Amazon needs to know that your listing abilities will be of compliance and up to date. We will compose the perfect plan of action that Amazon that Amazon requires.

Policy Violation

Product safety complaints
Listings do not match detail page - Used item sold as new - Not as advertised- Etc.

Inauthentic Complaints

This is the hardest appeal but our success rate regarding this issue is 99%
We have worked with many sellers on this and specialize in the case and give Amazon the perfect plan of action.



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